Glamorous Furniture//The Villa Anatra

Hello Glamorous Furniture .We have a late post today but definitely one that deserves your attention .I’ve been on the road almost all day because of my real life job that asks me to travel a lot daily but I got used to it .As soon as I arrived home I started working on this stunning building presentation that I am sure will leave you speechless.

The designer I am talking about is already well known in the virtual world,so I was pretty honored to get the chance to blog his latest release .He is named Cain Maven and is the owner of the store called “Maven Homes” .I recommend you all to check his mainstore for more new releases.

Mesh has became a must have in second life .More and more designer started creating mesh stuffs and I actually think it’s a great idea .For me it means more high quality items .I must mention that you will need a mesh enabled viewer to be able to view and use this mansion but I am sure it won’t be a problem since more and more residents started using latest version of the viewers.

Back to the building .This Italian inspired home is called “The Villa Anatra” .As you can see from the picture is a pretty huge house, that’s why we call it “villa” .It has 4 bedrooms,2 bathrooms,1 living room,1 dinning room,1 study room and a kitchen .I think that’s pretty enough space for anything *smiles*

The house is not fully furnished ,but it has some pieces of furniture that comes together with the structure .I am talking about the fireplaces,kitchen chair,tables ,cabinet and bathtub with animates poses .Isn’t that cute?

In the same time the building comes with a home security system..This gives you control over the lighting in the house,doors and windows .You can customize the home in the way you want ,it can be a lot more private or more’s your decision.

So are you ready to change your old house with this marvelous new mesh building?Then I invite you all to check it inworld at Maven Home’s mainstore .See you all there ,xoxo Ama.

-Store List-
Mansion : The Villa Anatra– Maven Homes/Designer- Cain Maven
Available at Maven Homes Mainstore
Available at Maven Homes Marketplace
Prims:889 Prims Land Impact


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