Glamorous Furniture//Bohemian Room by Zen Creations

Glamorous Furniture to post
Hello, Glamorous Furniture readers. I hope you are having a great Thursday. I was traveling around the virtual world in search of eye-catching design to feature on my blog. It is true that I am not blogging as often as I used to do in the past, but the main reason for that is the fact that I tend to spend more time analyzing the items I present and also I am focusing more on delivering high-quality graphics. I am sure you can see the difference between my latest posts and the one I am doing since my “small” return. Let’s get to work.
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Glamorous Furniture//Grace Tufted by Apple Fall

Glamorous Furniture//Grace Tufted by Apple Fall
Hello, my readers. Hope everyone is doing great. I wanted to share with you today a really eye-catching design by Apple Fall store. I am a huge fan of all their products since they joined Second Life and I am amazed at how much they improved in the last year. It seems like each of their latest releases is better than the previous ones. I will definitely keep an eye on their upcoming releases as I find them both stylish and also high quality.
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Glamorous Furniture// Laundry Room by Dust Bunny

Glamorous Furniture// Laundry Room by Dust Bunny
I continued to experience with the lighting and shadow function from second life in order to be able to deliver higher quality pictures that give a better presentation of the wonderful items. For today, I wanted to show you a previous release of a dust bunny. It’s the first time I am blogging one of their sets and I must confess I am deeply in love with the quality of their designs. I kept on visiting their store for the past days since I find all their releases masterpieces.
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Glamorous Furniture// Reblog Dutchie Interactive Kitchen

Glamorous Furniture// Reblog Dutchie Interactive Kitchen

Hello, my has been some time since my last blog post, but I finally got some free time and I am able to blog a few things. This kitchen set which is featured today is not a new release but is definitely one which I really love and would be honored to share with you one more time. I was a bit upset today because I forgot my password from my old email so I had to do some changes. Meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy the new style of Glamorous Furniture.
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Glamorous Furniture//The Soaper’s Collection by Roawenwood

Glamorous Furniture//The Soaper's Collection by Roawenwood

Good evening my wonderful blog readers ,I am happy to announce all of you that we are now listed in one of my favorite web directories ( click for redirect) . For today’s blog post I worked really hard and to be honest I try to achieve some effects in photoshop but since I am not that experienced the result is pretty basic ( but I hope not horrible ) . Of course you can see all of my works on this blog and also on my flickr page . You know how enthusiastic I am about new releases and trust me , whenever I get a new one I can’t wait to share with you . That’s why I spent all night working on today’s blog post and now that it is finally done I am ready to share all the information and photos with you . Here we go .
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Glamorous Furniture // Mid Century by Dutchie

Good evening my blog readers . I hope you are having a better weekend then me . I got really sick again , there is no autumn when I skip the seasonal cold . The good thing is that I am at home now and since I am spending all the day in bed with tea I have enough time to share with you some news from the virtual world. Honestly there’ve been a few new products released since our last blog post and I hope I will be able to cover all of them in the following days . Enough with the talking ( I have a thing for writing long boring introductions) and let’s get to work ..
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Glamorous Furniture// Forest Ruins by Mushilu

Good evening Glamorous Furniture . I am so stupid , I actually wrote this post already in word , but I restarted my pc and everything got deleted . I am really angry now , sitting with the laptop in my lap while outside is raining like hell ( I suppose this is not the best day ) . I find it funny how nice was the introduction in the other word ,and how frustrated I am now after the restart . Whatever , let’s get back to work cause I have some really nice things to show to you.
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Glamorous Furniture//Dowager House by Kaya Angel

Good evening my favorite blog readers . I just realized that it’s been a pretty long time since my last blog post but that’s not because i had a lack of stuffs to feature but more because i had a problem with my viewer ( actually one of my windlight setting kept crashing me and i have no idea why , not even now ) . Luckily i managed to do some of my tricks and it looks pretty stable now . Enough with my problems and let’s get to presenting this amazing new release that i am sure will leave you breathless.
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Glamorous Furniture//Hot Cocoa Set by Artisan Fantasy

Hello my dear friends . I hope everything is fine for you , I just came to my parents home for a few days and planning on going back home on Friday . I missed so badly my room ( or what is left of it) . While letting those memories come back in my mind I decided to sit at my old desk , take a cup of coffee ,open my laptop and get started with a new blog post which I hope you will enjoy . As you got used I am always sharing with you new releases , and so I am doing this time . Let’s get to work .
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