Glamorous Furniture//Pretzel by Dahlia (released at Food Court)

Glamorous Furniture//Pretzel by Dahlia (released at Food Court)
Hello Glamorous Furniture,
Since it is January, it is time to explore a bi-annual event that I fell deeply in love with. I always enjoyed virtually designed foods; I don’t know why, but there was always something appealing when it comes to those items. The Food Court is an event that focuses exactly on these elements, and they make sure that they can bring all the great designers in a single place.
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Glamorous Furniture//Christmas Decorations by KraftWork

Glamorous Furniture//Christmas Decorations by KraftWork
Hello Glamorous Furniture,
I know that Christmas is almost over (at least in my country, I still have one day left), but before packing your X-mass Tree, I still want to share with you an amazing release specific to this season. Get your shopping bags ready as we are going to visit the KraftWork store.
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Glamorous Furniture//Leah by Bazar (released at Uber)

Glamorous Furniture//Leah by Bazar (released at Uber)
Hello, my blog readers,
Before the New Year, I still have one more set waiting to get featured on my blog. I discovered this stunning bedroom while checking the latest released in the virtual world. Even though I am usually not a fan of pink products (I suppose I am not a very feminine girl), the design which is featured in today’s blog post really caught my attention. In order to show you this product, I have to invite you with me to the Uber event where this set was released.
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Glamorous Furniture//Morgan Collection by Fancy Décor (released at Uber)

Glamorous Furniture//Morgan Collection by Fancy Décor (released at Uber)
Hello Glamorous Furniture readers, as you might remember, a few days ago I visited Fancy Decors for some great living room pieces. While I was checking their designs, I also saw a set which I decided to share with you in a separate post. Once again, the designer impressed me with the quality of these items and due to that I consider you must check them yourselves.
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Glamorous Furniture//Indigo by Fancy Decor

Glamorous Furniture//Indigo by Fancy Decor
Merry Christmas to all my fantastic blog readers. I hope you celebrate this festive period with your loved ones, and I wish you all the best in the upcoming year. After finishing dining with my family and unpacking our presents, I wanted to spend some time with you and share a fantastic design which I think merits your attention. As you know, I am always looking for great new releases, and I was delighted when I found this one.
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Glamorous Furniture//Sylvia House by Scarlet Creative

Glamorous Furniture//Sylvia House by Scarlet Creative
Hello, my dear blog readers,
I hope all of you are doing fine during these difficult times. I’ve been away for the past weeks due to some real-life issues I had to fix, but even though I did not post anything new, I made sure I stay to update with some of the second life’s most wanted designs. For today’s blog post, we are going to visit a great store that has been in the virtual world for a long time, Scarlet Creative.
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Glamorous Furniture//Old Shed Set

Glamorous Furniture//Old Shed Set
Good Morning my blog readers. I hope you are all doing fine. I have no idea why, but this week I feel like blogging a lot again. I see that many of my favorite stores have closed in the past months, but I am fascinated by the new designers which were released by the stores I had no idea they exist. There is no doubt that I missed some things in the virtual world. I am not sure how frequently I will blog in the upcoming weeks, as I am doing this as a hobby, but I can guarantee that even if something interferes, I will try my best to be back as soon as possible.

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