“Wow how wonderful! I can’t thank you enough for your help. You do a great service to so many designers and I’m sure I’m not the only one who is really thankful for you stunning work. Your pictures and description set you apart from so many others. Thank you so much”

Kaya Angel (Angel Manor Estate) on Garden Venue Blog Post


“Thanks a lot for this great review! I just finished reading and I love the pic you took of the herbalist table!Thanks again for the review, it rocks!”

Druunah Esharham (.aisling.) on Herbalist Worktable Blog Post


“On Glamourous Furniture you’ll find the best selection of Second Life furniture in one place,photos are stunning,I’m proud that my products are featured on this lovely blog.”

Precious Restless (Boudoir) on Glamorous Furniture Blog


“Amalia! I’m so happy you like the product ! and thank you for the lovely blog post, its awesome, Such a nice thing to wake up to after all our hard work this week <3"

Cory Edo (Trompe Loeil) on TreeHouse Cottage Blog Post

“THANK YOU for Your blog post. A friend of mine, who is a vampire king, read it and was interested to know about it. Then satisfied, he purchased it… and now, thanks to it, he preordered me a castle in the same style! So.. thank you for your blog post, it brought me new work to do ^^ “

Dameklaudia Demonia (Crypt of Lilith) on Mausoleum of the Countess Blog Post


“It is beautiful! thanks! : D you are very fast .Thank you for all, love your blog. I will do a post on my facebook page with your link.”

Marco Rejkus (MM5) on Urban Catwalk Blog Post


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