Review Policy

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Glamorous Furniture Founder : Amalia Foxtrot
Blogger : Amalia Foxtrot


Before contacting us for item reviewing please check the following list and make sure that your designs fits one of the categories that we blog on our website.
Yes and No

Do you accept blogging reviews?
Yes . I am always available to check and blog new releases , but before contacting me about that please check the list above and make sure your item fits one of the categories which we blog . Sending us new releases which don’t fit on our blog will result in the product not being reviewed .

How can I get my items blogged on Glamorous Furniture?
In order to get your items published on GF blog either:
– Contact Amalia Foxtrot in world : please send notecards since some of the private messages get lost
– Reply on this page with your store name and your in-world name and we will contact you back.

Is there any reason why my items won’t get blogged?
After we get in touch with you and see a picture of the product we give you a honest opinion if we want or don’t want to blog it .We are very honest when it comes with our blog posts since we want to deliver to our readers the highest quality information . .

How long does it take until a post gets done?
We always try to deliver our blog posts as soon as possible but sometimes real life can interfere . It usually takes from two to a maximum of seven days to get the blog posts done . In case there is a delay we always contact the designers to inform them about it..

I got contacted about a blogging offer on Glamorous Furniture .Is that a valid request?
If the avatar who sent you the offer is named “amalia.foxtrot” , then Yes , it is a valid request . She is the founder and only blogger of Glamorous Furniture. .

Do you blogger older releases too?
We mostly focus on latest releases but from time to time we accept old releases too if we think it might fit one of our blog posts . Please check with us before sending us an older relase .

I have a bloggers group .Can I invite you?
I am always available for bloggers group because it gives me the possibility to decide what products I want to blog . Still , I can’t promise I will be able to feature on my website all the products you sent through ntoices.

I am running an event and would like you to join it . Do you blog events too?
I enjoy blogging events because they give me a variety of stuffs to blog and also meet new designers.If you want me in your bloggers team drop me a notecard and I would be more than honored to join


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