Glamorous Furniture//Scarlet Creative for Home and Garden Expo 2012

I am back Glamorous Furniture with more new releases from the Home and Garden Expo .The fair is still going on ,so you still have time to check the fabulous creations of the designers participating.I am lucky to be one of the official bloggers ,and really happy that I got the chance to show you designs from the event .Let me present you another designer that is participating at this year expo..

I am talking about the store named “Scarlet Creative” owned by Charlotte Bartlett .The store was founded in 2006 ,so they have many years of experience that can be seen in their high quality designs .I was always impressed by the first class structure she designed,so I am honored to be able to blog it on my website.

She has many new stuffs designed for this year expo ,but the one that impressed me the most is still marvelous California Modern Prefab which by the way is mesh. I especially enjoyed it’s style ,reminding me of the luxurious homes that can be seen in real world.

Another thing I loved is the way it is designed in interior .It has only a few doors at the entrance and no separated rooms .It makes me feel free when walking around the home .Outside we have a small swimming pool with gorgeous animations for both single and couples.

Are you ready to discover more releases by Scarlet Creative that are available at this year Home and Garden Expo? I invite you all to check the slurls under the text,you have one for the fair ,one for the mainstore and one link to the marketplace.I will be back soon with more new releases from Home and Garden Expo 2012.

-Store List-
Building (Mesh): California Modern Prefab–Scarlet Creative/Designer- Charlotte Bartlett
Available at Scarlet Creative Mainstore
Available at Scarlet Creative Marketplace
Available at Home and Garden Expo 2012

Prims:117 Prims

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