Glamorous Furniture//The Domineaux Effect for Home and Garden Expo 2012

Hello my blog reader .How was your day?Yesterday I went out with my girl friends so didn’t have time to blog anything ,probably because I spent to much time in front of the mirror .Luckily today I have plenty of free time to prepare another stunning blog post for you with items that are featured and Home and Garden Expo 2012 .Ready to see more?

The designer is named Domineaux Prospero and she is the owner of well known store called The Domineaux Effect .They are without any doubts one of the top mesh designer ,I was extremely impressed by the quality of their stuffs and I can’t tell you how happy I was when I got the chance to blog in on Glamorous Furniture.

I am showing you more than one items designed by them for this year expo .One of them is “Pergola” the structure that you can see in my pictures .It’s stunning for people who enjoy drinking a cup of coffee and watching the beautiful view. The other set is the Wrought Iron Patio Set that contains the table and the chairs that come in 2 different version each of them with 2 different textures.The pedestal and flower pot is also sold separately .

So are you ready to go shopping ?I included the slurl to the mainstore and to the home and garden booth too .Meet you there ,xoxo Ama

-Store List-
Structure – Pergola ~ w/ivy ~The Domineaux Effect /Designer- Domineaux Prospero
Table+ChairSet – Wrought Iron Patio Set ~The Domineaux Effect /Designer- Domineaux Prospero
Pedestal – Marble Pedestal~The Domineaux Effect /Designer- Domineaux Prospero
Pot – Marble Flower Pot~The Domineaux Effect /Designer- Domineaux Prospero
Available at The Domineaux Effect Mainstore
Available at Home and Garden Expo 2012
Structure: 18 Prim Land Impact
Table:6 Prim Land Impact
Chair:2 Prim Land Impact
Pedestal:1 Prim Land Impact
Pot:1 Prim Land Impact
Flower:1 Prim Land Impact


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