About Me

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Name : Amalia Foxtrot (amalia.foxtrot)
E-mail: amaliafoxtrot@gmail.com

My story begins on 13 August 2008 , when I decided to join a virtual world entitled “Second Life “ . I was a huge fan of Sims pc game by Ea Games and heard that this virtual platform shares many similarities with it . The first weeks were the ones that were going to decide if I am going to continue playing or not since this game is not dedicated to any of the usual gamers .
In the beginning I found the game boring and my avatar very hard to control .But when I was on the edge of leaving second life , I met some people who were fun to spend time with and who taught me many great things about this world.. They were the ones who made me give another try to second life after the first fail .
4604861857_38274efe15_mBeing a fashionista in real life affected my avatar a lot . During my second try I began to give more attention to the fashion designers of the virtual world . Because of my love for clothes and my desire to make my avatar a model , I met with a woman who was going to totally change my perception about second life , Patty Cortes , founder of Glance International Agency.

In 2009 I signed a contract with her academy for intensive modeling classes . During the years of learning new tricks about how to style my avatar and how to use poses I managed to become close friends with Patty . She invited me to join her agency as a blogger.
2I must confess that her decision to hire me was the one who was going to keep me so attached with second life fashion industry since today . I started as a noob blogger on her website while she taught me everything about blog posts . After months of learning , I became the Head Blogger of her website and also was invited as an Head Stylist for her Glance Magazine . From time to time I also modeled in some of the magazine spreads and fashion shows

But that still wasn’t enough for me . I always enjoyed blogging but GIA was a project that involved many talented people and to be honest I wanted to do something on my own .That’s when I decided that it’s time for a new blog for other type of designers.
Glamorous FurnitureI enjoy meeting furniture and home designers and checking their latest releases . The website where I blogged during those days didn’t allow me to post anything else than furniture and because of that I decided to start my own project entitled “Glamorous Furniture” . My plan was to get as many designers as possible next to me and to try my best to promote them through descriptive posts with eye-catching photos.

Glamorous Furniture was founded on 21 March 2010 and it’s probably one of my biggest projects in second life . Since then I managed to blog hundreds of new products and share them with my followers both in-world and on the internet through over 1.400 pictures . I met many great designers which invited me to join their bloggers group , and many of them are still featured on my website .
3But that’s only the beginning of my story . I have still got many ideas running in my head , but for the moment I am going to focus on delivering more high quality blog posts to my readers.


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