Glamorous Furniture// Gothic Romance Set by Bricolage

Glamorous Furniture// Gothic Romance Set by Bricolage
Hello, dear blog readers,
I hope everyone is doing fine. First of all, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. I wish you all some well-deserved downtime and a year full of successes. Meanwhile, for my first post on Glamorous Furniture for 2021, I prepared an oriental set with which I felt deeply in love. Let me share some additional info with you.

The store is named Bricolage, and they have a variety of cute designs. In today’s picture, you can see the living room set entitled “Gothic Romance.” Despite it,s name, I feel like it is more an oriental style room which would fit anyone’s home who has an affinity for this style. The set is available in both versions: adult and PG (the difference is in terms of poses).
You can find a list of all the items below.

I have some other sets ready to be featured on my blog so stay tuned for more new releases. Meanwhile, stay safe and enjoy the beginning of this prosperous year.

-Store List-
Living Room Set: Gothic Romance /Designer- Marylou Dallas
Available at Bricolage Mainstore
Available at Bricolage Marketplace

Land Impact
Daybed: 20 LI
Side Table: 2 LI
Plant: 3 LI
Painting: 1 LI
Tea Set: 5 LI
Bench: 7 LI
Stained Glass: 1 LI
End Table : 2 LI
Indian Rug: 1 LI
Rose: 2 LI
Lizzard Vase: 2 LI

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