Glamorous Furniture//Chateau by Kaya Angel

In a strange way I feel like this blog became my real life traveling journal ( I know that sounds funny , but it seems like I keep you posted about every single place I’ve visited while I was not able to blog ) . Maybe one day when I’ll be in the mood I’ll review my previous blog post just to see what childish things I wrote there . Until then I have to take you back to the virtual world because there are many new releases on the grid which I would love to share with you . I’m working hard backstage to bring you only top second life releases ( I tried my best since I founded this blog so feature on my website only things that I love personally and no releases that event owners force me to blog ) . Enough with the talking , let me give you a sneak peak in one of Kaya Angel’s new releases ( you will love it , trust me )
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Glamorous Furniture//Caravan Gacha Set by Black Jack

Good evening my dears . I am here with some great news from the virtual world .You know that I also own a fashion blog so I usually try to maintain a balance and make one post there and after that one post here and so on . Maybe that’s the reason why I no longer keep up with daily blog posts as I did some years ago . Anyway , ready to see what I’ve got for you ?
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Glamorous Furniture // Mesh Walled Garden by Angel Manor

Hello Glamorous Furniture readers ( I think this intro is already a cliché but whatever) . I am back today with more new releases ( yea .. another cliché ) . I have to stop this now . So , while I was surfing through marketplace this morning ( I don’t do that very often cause I hate all those gacha stuffs ) I found some Kaya Angel amazing designs . So I immediately im-ed me to offer the chance to feature on my blog one building which really caught my attention .
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Glamorous Furniture//King’s Throne by Noble Creations

Good Morning my dear readers . It seems like o overslept today ( as always during summer days) but I already had my coffee ( my only way to avoid the grumpy morning mood ) and I am ready to share with you some virtual world new releases . I want to blog more often for you but it’s so hard because on the other hand instead of throwing on my website all new releases I want to be selective and choose the ones which I find the “must have “ and that might take a little bit of time . Anyway , definitely what I prepared for you for today’s presentation is on my must have list.
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Glamorous Furniture// Lil’ Maison fireplace by [TIA]

Hello Glamorous Furniture . I love traveling so much . I just came back from Spain and tomorrow I am leaving again with my husband to Italy ( can’t wait for that trip) .Until I leave , I’ve got some new releases which I really want to share with you . Let me show you what I am talking about.
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