Glamorous Furniture//Krampus Dark Desk by Noble Creations

The truth it’s I’ve been kind off the radar for the past few months because of real life job . I had to travel a lot and since first life comes first I had to take a break .Luckily my business trip is officially over now , I am back to second life with a new laptop that includes a new graphic card and also higher quality picture for you . Let me show you some examples.
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Glamorous Furniture // Summer Garden

Good evening Glamorous Furniture ! It’s so good to see you all again . As I announced in my previous post I had to leave for a few days to visit a good friend in another city . And since we spent most of time gossiping and shopping I really didn’t have any second to spend in SL . Happily , I just returned today and ready to show you some wonderful new releases.
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Glamorous Furniture // Boardwalk by Apple Fall

Good Afternoon Glamorous Furniture readers . How is your day ? I am going to meet some of my girl friends in the city for a drink in a few hours , but before that I decided to do another blog post featuring one of my favorite designer . As you can see I didn’t joke when I said I am back and I promise to try to blog as much as possible.
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