Glamorous Furniture//The Soaper’s Collection by Roawenwood

Glamorous Furniture//The Soaper's Collection by Roawenwood

Good evening my wonderful blog readers ,I am happy to announce all of you that we are now listed in one of my favorite web directories ( click for redirect) . For today’s blog post I worked really hard and to be honest I try to achieve some effects in photoshop but since I am not that experienced the result is pretty basic ( but I hope not horrible ) . Of course you can see all of my works on this blog and also on my flickr page . You know how enthusiastic I am about new releases and trust me , whenever I get a new one I can’t wait to share with you . That’s why I spent all night working on today’s blog post and now that it is finally done I am ready to share all the information and photos with you . Here we go .

As you got used to me , whenever is the beginning of the month , for almost 2 weeks I mostly blog products from We ❤ Role Playing because I am madly in love with their creations and I feel like they deserve a special place here on my website.If you didn’t guess , today we are featuring another amazing set from there.

In case you never met her , today’s designer is Roawen , owner of Roawenwood. They released for the event this stunning , high quality set entitled “The Soaper’s Collection” which includes a series of products ( all the items and their land impact can be found right under the text) . I wanted to create the look of an abandoned camp in the forest but in the end as you can see in the pictures , the results were not that close to what I had in mind , still I am happy with it .

I know I write a lot , because of that I am going to stop now . On the right part of my blog you have the subscribe box which I beg you to complete , and also don’t forget to like my flickr pictures because they promote my website a lot . See you soon with more new releases from the virtual world.

Flickr Page can be found over here ( Press me ! )

-Store List-
Set: The Soaper’s Collection – Roawenwood / Designer Roawen
Available at Roawenwood Mainstore
Available at We<3 Role-Play October Round

Prims :
Cauldrons : 7 Land Impact
Tipped Ash Bucket: 1 Land Impact
Soap Mold Longer : 1 Land Impact
Sack of Salt : 1 Land Impact
Ash Pile : 1 Land Impact
Making Lye : 2 Land Impact
3 Soap Molds Stacked : 1 Land Impact
Gathering the Ashes : 1 Land Impact
Making Soap Bars : 2 Land Impact
Soap Mold Square : 1 Land Impact


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