Glamorous Furniture//The Soaper’s Collection by Roawenwood

Good evening my wonderful blog readers . For today’s blog post I worked really hard and to be honest I try to achieve some effects in photoshop but since I am not that experienced the result is pretty basic ( but I hope not horrible ) . Of course you can see all of my works on this blog and also on my flickr page . You know how enthusiastic I am about new releases and trust me , whenever I get a new one I can’t wait to share with you . That’s why I spent all night working on today’s blog post and now that it is finally done I am ready to share all the information and photos with you . Here we go .

As you got used to me , whenever is the beginning of the month , for almost 2 weeks I mostly blog products from We ❤ Role Playing because I am madly in love with their creations and I feel like they deserve a special place here on my website.If you didn’t guess , today we are featuring another amazing set from there.

In case you never met her , today’s designer is Roawen , owner of Roawenwood. They released for the event this stunning , high quality set entitled “The Soaper’s Collection” which includes a series of products ( all the items and their land impact can be found right under the text) . I wanted to create the look of an abandoned camp in the forest but in the end as you can see in the pictures , the results were not that close to what I had in mind , still I am happy with it .

I know I write a lot , because of that I am going to stop now . On the right part of my blog you have the subscribe box which I beg you to complete , and also don’t forget to like my flickr pictures because they promote my website a lot . See you soon with more new releases from the virtual world.

Flickr Page can be found over here ( Press me ! )

-Store List-
Set: The Soaper’s Collection – Roawenwood / Designer Roawen
Available at Roawenwood Mainstore
Available at We<3 Role-Play October Round

Prims :
Cauldrons : 7 Land Impact
Tipped Ash Bucket: 1 Land Impact
Soap Mold Longer : 1 Land Impact
Sack of Salt : 1 Land Impact
Ash Pile : 1 Land Impact
Making Lye : 2 Land Impact
3 Soap Molds Stacked : 1 Land Impact
Gathering the Ashes : 1 Land Impact
Making Soap Bars : 2 Land Impact
Soap Mold Square : 1 Land Impact


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