Glamorous Furniture// Forest Ruins by Mushilu

Good evening Glamorous Furniture . I am so stupid , I actually wrote this post already in word , but I restarted my pc and everything got deleted . I am really angry now , sitting with the laptop in my lap while outside is raining like hell ( I suppose this is not the best day ) . I find it funny how nice was the introduction in the other word ,and how frustrated I am now after the restart . Whatever , let’s get back to work cause I have some really nice things to show to you.

We ❤ Role Playing October round is here and many great designers I waiting for you to discover their latest products . When we are talking about events , they are one of my favorite . Each new release I see here I find it a must have and can’t wait to share with you.

Today’s blog post is about a set released at the event which is more a landscaping product ,but since this is a home & garden blog I am sure I can include it here too without anyone getting angry on me . The set is called “ Forest Ruins” and it was designed by Eifee . I think the name tells you all the information , it’s exactly what you need if you want to obtain that mystical image of ruins in a forest (or wherever you want) .

I will let you explore this new release in world and because of that I included the slurl to the mainstore and to the event location . Also don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and also like my flickr picture because it helps promoting my page .

Flickr Page can be found over here ( Press me ! )

-Store List-
Set: Forest ruins- Mushilu/Designer Eifee
Available at Mushilu Mainstore
Available at We<3 Role-Play October Round

Prims :
Set : 47 Land Impact (all pieces)


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