Glamorous Furniture//Dowager House by Kaya Angel

Good evening my favorite blog readers . I just realized that it’s been a pretty long time since my last blog post but that’s not because i had a lack of stuffs to feature but more because i had a problem with my viewer ( actually one of my windlight setting kept crashing me and i have no idea why , not even now ) . Luckily i managed to do some of my tricks and it looks pretty stable now . Enough with my problems and let’s get to presenting this amazing new release that i am sure will leave you breathless.

Without doubts Kaya Angel is a big name in the virtual world . I think everyone who has more than 2 years of second life must have heard about him . His store named ” Angel Manor ” features high quality buildings with unique styles .

For today’ s blog post i managed to get his latest release ” Dowager House ” .It’s his first building which i blog and which comes in 3 different textures to fit anyones taste : sand stone , old stone and british texture ( one of my favorite ) . As we got used with his desgners, this structure is really spacious ,so it has enough rooms to make your dreams come true ( 11 rooms ) . It also comes with external walls for your garden so they match your house texture and style . Since materials are a big thing these days in sl , and since Kaya is an expert in them , this house is a material one so we recommend to use your advanced lighting settings enabled in order to view the house exactly how it was designed .

Whenever i start a blog post is hard for me to stop simply because there are so many things i would like to talk about . But enough with talking and let’s go shopping . Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and also like my blog posts on flickr since it’s really important for me . See you soon.

Flickr Page can be found over here ( Press me ! )

-Store List-
Building: Dowager House – Angel Manor Estate /Designer Kaya Angel
Available at Angel Manor Estate Mainstore
Available at Angel Manor Estate Marketplace

Prims :
Building: 658 Land Impact


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