Glamorous Furniture//Hot Cocoa Set by Artisan Fantasy

Hello my dear friends . I hope everything is fine for you , I just came to my parents home for a few days and planning on going back home on Friday . I missed so badly my room ( or what is left of it) . While letting those memories come back in my mind I decided to sit at my old desk , take a cup of coffee ,open my laptop and get started with a new blog post which I hope you will enjoy . As you got used I am always sharing with you new releases , and so I am doing this time . Let’s get to work .

A few days ago I was lucky to become one of the blogger for Artisan Fantasy by artizanmesh . I was doing a blog post featuring their product from We ❤ Role Playing ( which I am madly in love) and after sending the link to the designer , he was kind enough to sent me an invitation to bloggers group . I can’t tell you how much I waited for a new release to share with you since I find all their products very good looking.

Today’s featured release is named Hot Cocoa and again the name says it all about it ( I think they are pretty inspired when they choose the name for their products because I don’t know what else I can say about it when you have all the information in the pictures and in the products name ) . It comes with various cups filled with chocolate and also some delicious cakes for you to try in the virtual world , all made in a very realistic way.

I recommend you to check their other products too because artizanmesh is a pro when it comes to second life designs .Also don’t forget to subscribe to my page and also to like my pictures on my flickr page too.
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-Store List-
Set: Hot Cocoa Set– Artisan Fantasy /Designer- artizanmesh
Available at Artisan Fantasy Mainstore
Available at Artisan Fantasy Marketplace

Prims :
Wood Displayer : 2 Land Impact
Seedling : 2 Land Impact
Cocoa Service : 1 Land Impact
Flowers : 4 Land Impact
Cup of Cocoa : 1 Land Impact
Cocoa On A Stick : 1 Land Impact
Cookies: 1 Land Impact


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