Glamorous Furniture//Wooden Conservatory by 22769 ~ [bauwerk]

Hello dear readers . Yesterday I was talking with a friend about how powerful flickr became for second life bloggers . When I started blogging a long time ago ( I think it was 2009 when I did my first fashion post and 2010 for my first furniture one) the most powerful marketing tool were second life feeds . These days is pretty obvious that it is extremely hard to promote your website without using a flickr page ( actually I think everyone in sl already has one ) .This is not going to be a post about how to promote your blog , it’s more about what’s new in the virtual world.

I am speechless of how many new designers were featured on my blog this week . I actually think I managed to bring to you every single day someone new ( and that’s really good , because it means we are not a monotonous page ) . Today for you we have 22769 ~ [bauwerk] owned by Manuel Ormidale .

The design which I am featuring is a new release , a ground house named “Wooden Conservatory” . When it comes to this kind of houses nothing can beat the look that wood creates and it also makes this building a perfect place to relax ( maybe that’s why I wanted to shoot it next to some trees that bring us the forest idea) . Before I leave I need to tell you that this structure is available at faMESHed September 2016 .

Time for me to go but not before leaving you with the slurls you’ll need for today’s shopping .As I always please you don’t forget to like my pictures on flickr ( it helps promoting my blog) and also subscribe . See you soon

My Flickr Page

-Store List-
Set: Wooden Conservatory – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] /Designer- Manuel Ormidale/Paco Pooley
Available at 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Mainstore
Available at faMESHed September 2016

Released at faMESHed September 2016 Round

Prims :
Structure: 91 Land Impact


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