Glamorous Furnitue//Tavern by Artisan Fantasy

Good morning Glamorous Furniture. Even though I didn’t drink my coffee yet I have the feeling this is going to be a good morning . I had to wake up a little bit earlier so I can go to the store and get some groceries (my husband already started asking me if we are on a diet since our fridge is almost always empty , and my answer is always ~ We are a modern family dear ~) . Anyway ,yesterday I got a new stunning release that I couldn’t wait to show to you . Get your drinks ready , actually no , come with me . Today we are going to have a drink together.

Do you know what is named one of my favorite events from second life ? In case you missed this , it’s We ❤ Role Playing . They keep on leaving me speechless each month with their must have new releases which are always high quality . I try to do posts featuring their event both on my fashion blog (Glance International Agency ) and also on my furniture blog (Glamorous Furniture ) .

Today on the website I am brining Artisan Fantasy owned by artizanmesh . This set is something to die for . It comes with a bar , many chairs /stools , tables , accessories , everything you need in order to make your own Tavern (in the end that’s how the set is named) . What makes this set better than anything else you saw is the quality of the work , everything looks so realistic and the texture is breathtaking .

Hurry up before the September round is over at We ❤ Role Playing land and search for this designer , I promise you won’t regret . Like I always mention don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and also like my flickr pictures since it helps me a lot .

My Flickr Page

-Store List-
Set: Tavern – Artisan Fantasy /Designer- artizanmesh
Available at Artisan Fantasy Mainstore
Available at Artisan Fantasy Marketplace
Available at We ❤ Role Playing

Prims :
Bar: 19 Land Impact
Table : 1 Land Impact
Chair :2 Land Impact
Stool : 2 Land Impact
Tray: 1 Land Impact
Back Bar : 9 Land Impact
Keg : 2 Land Impact
Tankards: 1 Land Impact
Pitcher : 1 Land Impact
Shelves: 8 Land Impact
Rag : 1 Land Impact
Table Cloth : 1 Land Impact


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