Glamorous Furniture//Elegance Dinette by Zen Creations

Let me share something with you . Whenever I do a blog post I try my best to deliver high quality pictures that helps you make an idea of the product I am presenting but I also try to keep that mystery that convince my readers to go and check it in world (simply because I think there is no better way to really find out how a design looks until you check it in world ) . That’s the reason why sometimes I don’t present all colors versions of a set ( like in today’s blog post) , because I want you to go in the virtual world and see it with your own eyes . I always talk about customization just so you know that it is possible but I want your imagination to run free . I think we are good with the introduction , let’s get to work .

Seems like in the past days we have many designers featured on my blog for the first time . That’s not a bad thing at all , because I always try to bring something new and I am pretty sure that you would get bored reading reviews of the same designers over and over again (you can easily check their own pages if that is what you are looking for ) . Today I am proud to present to you Zen Creations , owned by Miss Zhoie Zimermann.

The release we are having featured today is actually a living room set . It has that vintage style that made me fall in love with it from the first time I saw it and that made me want so badly to show it to you to . The design set is named “Elegance Dinette” ( you can bet is really elegant) . The set includes everything you see in the pictures : table , chairs , candles , plates , curtains , carpet ,sideboard ( and also a food rezzing system to make everything more realistic ) . As I mentioned in the introduction it also comes with a hud that allows you to change the texture so trust me , this will fit any kind of living room . I am a huge fan of white stuffs when it comes to vintage living rooms but you have the chance to select from the hud all kind of textures and colors .

I’ll let you play with it since it’s more fun . Slurls to the mainstore and marketplace can be found like always under this text . Land impact count for each stuffs it’s right under the slurls . Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for more new release and also like my flickr page because it helps me a lot ( link under this paragraph) . See you soon !

My Flickr Page

-Store List-
Set: Elegance Dinette – Zen Creations /Designer- Zhoie Zimermann
Available at Zen Creations Mainstore
Available at Zen Creations Marketplace

Prims :
Chair : 3 Land Impact
Table : 5 Land Impact
Plates: 2 Land Impact
Flowers : 3 Land Impact
Rug: 2 Land Impact
Curtain : 6 Land Impact
Sidetable: 3 Land Impact
Plate Stacks: 1 Land Impact
Candle : 2 Land Impact

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