Glamorous Furniture// IZAYOI by [[RH]]

Good evening Glamorous Furniture . I hope you are all doing really great because today’s blog post will leave you speechless . I spent some days on the marketplace and in-world stores to find something that will leave your breathless and finally the release I needed came to me today. This set is really back so I would recommend you to get a cup of coffee or tea or whatever you drink because a long posts with many information is waiting for you in the following lines . Also I should mention that today’s designer is a fresh one on Glamorous Furniture ( I can’t recall blogging their designs ever since I’ve started this project) . Enough with that talking , let’s get started with the real stuffs.

As you might know Arcade event is going on . What I love about this event is that they always deliver us really high quality stuffs ( I am not so interested in the fashion part of the event , but I can tell you that for furniture they are really good ) . I know that on the list they have very big names and one that got the chance to show to you today is [[RH]] ( owned by two wonderful designers – Ouka Ugajin and ryo.ixxel ) .

This is actually a gatcha set but there are so many things that you can win and the crazy part is that all of them are very high quality ( I suppose I shouldn’t mention that they are also mesh since most of the products out there these days are mesh) . It would be really hard for me to show you the entire list of all the stuffs you can win ( but they are included under the credits)but the main attractions are the 3 building sets : the house , the arbor and the gate .

As you can see from the pictures everything is Japanese style and even though I am not a huge fan of this culture ( no offence , it’s just I am more on the European type rather than Asiatic ) they look amazing . For a second I wish I could spend some hours in this kind of building and taste their cuisine .

It’s time for what you are waiting the most . Under the text you can find the credits with slurl to both the mainstore and of course Arcade events . Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for more new releases and also to like my pictures on my flickr page ( it really helps me ) . See you soon !

My Flickr Page

-Store List-
Set: IZAYOI – [[RH]] /Designer- Ouka Ugajin and ryo.ixxel
Available at [[RH]] Mainstore
Available at The Arcade Sim

*This product released at the Arcade – September

Prims :
House: 119 Land Impact
Shoes Rack : 1 Land Impact
Zabuton (2 colors) : 1 Land Impact
Coffee Set : 4 Land Impact
Maccha Cake : 1 Land Impact
Table : 1 Land Impact
Pillows: 2 Land Impact
Sofa : 2 Land Impact
Decorative Flowers: 2 Land Impact
Lighting : 4 Land Impact
Paint : 4 Land Impact
Umbrella Holder : 1 Land Impact
Phone: 1 Land Impact
Slippers Rack : 1 Land Impact
Gate : 6 Land Impact
Arbor : 9 Land Impact
Fountain : 3 Land Impact

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