Glamorous Furniture//Industrial Loft by Diamandis

Good evening Glamorous Furniture ! How are you all doing today? I woke up so lazy this morning so I decided that today I am not going to be a house wife and I won’t cook anything . Instead I am waiting for my husband to come home and take me out to eat at a restaurant ( lady mood is on ) . Until he arrives I decided to write the text for today’s blog post since the pictures were already done since yesterday night but instead of doing my job and posting it but instead I decided to have a few glasses of wine and got tipsy . Enough with the talking , let’s get to work .

Today on my blog I am bringing for the first time the wonderful store entitled Diamandis and owned by SummerDays78 .It’s been a long time since I brought someone new on the blog and I am always happy to find such talented designers as he is .

The building that can be seen in the pictures it’s actually a skybox( I find it so hard these days to find a good looking skybox since most designer focus more on land buildings ) . It’s not very big but I think 3 rooms is more than enough . You will fall in love with the brick textures ! Also is very low land impact and because of that I think this would be a perfect fit for any sim .

As I always say , you can’t deny what your eyes see on their own . Slurl to the mainstore and marketplace can be found right under this text . Don’t forget to check my flickr for higher quality pictures and subscribe to this blog for more new releases.

Flickr Page can be found over here ( Press me ! )

-Store List-
Skybox: Industrial Loft – Diamandis /Designer SummerDays78
Available at Diamandis Mainstore
Available at Diamandis Marketplace

Prims :
Building: 70 Land Impact


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