Glamorous Furniture//Caravan Gacha Set by Black Jack

Good evening my dears . I am here with some great news from the virtual world .You know that I also own a fashion blog so I usually try to maintain a balance and make one post there and after that one post here and so on . Maybe that’s the reason why I no longer keep up with daily blog posts as I did some years ago . Anyway , ready to see what I’ve got for you ?

As you might have seen on the blog , the August round of Cosmopolitan is still going on and since I am a blogger of the event I am always honored to feature on Glamorous Furniture some of the designs . One that really caught my attention is this really looking Caravan Set (Gacha item far as I know ) .The set is modify / transfer and includes the caravan , surfboard varnishing , chair, table , local sign , surfboard roof rack , croissants , coffee , kitchen set , curtains , couch , decorative picture , bunk bed . Mostly all of the items I mentioned can be seen in the picture. Also there are multiple color versions of them .

I will leave you with the slurl to the event so you can check the product on your own . Also don’t forget to follow and like my flickr pages . Thank you for reading , promise I will be back soon with more blog posts.
My Flickr Page

-Store List-
Set: Caravan Gacha Set – Black Jack/Designer Flecha Warwillow
Available at Cosmopolitan August Round

Prims :
Caravana: 5 Land Impact
Chair : 2 Land Impact
Table: 2 Land Impact
Sign: 2 Land Impact
Bunk Bed :2 Land Impact
Sofa: 2 Land Impact


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