Glamorous Furniture//King’s Throne by Noble Creations

Good Morning my dear readers . It seems like o overslept today ( as always during summer days) but I already had my coffee ( my only way to avoid the grumpy morning mood ) and I am ready to share with you some virtual world new releases . I want to blog more often for you but it’s so hard because on the other hand instead of throwing on my website all new releases I want to be selective and choose the ones which I find the “must have “ and that might take a little bit of time . Anyway , definitely what I prepared for you for today’s presentation is on my must have list.

I still remember when I joined Noble Creations as a blogger . They im-ed me to ask if I would like to blog for them and after I saw their amazing creations I immediately said yes . Today I am very proud to be one of their official bloggers and to have the chance to show their new releases to you too . When it comes to furniture I am obsessed with everything that has a little bit of vintage / medical / royal style in it and this King’s Throne is exactly what fits my taste . Everything is very high quality ,the textures are very realistic ( as you can see from the pictures) and the great thing is that it is also very low prim so it fits any land.

As I always say , in order to truly discovery the beauty of a design you have to check it in world as sometimes pictures can’t prove you what the eyes can . Because of that I included the slurl to Noble Creations right under this text . Don’t forget to check my flickr page for higher quality pictures too and subscribe for more new releases .See you soon.
My Flickr Page with more pictures

-Store List-
Set: King’s Throne – Noble Creations /Designer- andycool90
Available at Noble Creations Mainstore
Available at Noble Creations Marketplace

Prims :
Throne : 4 Land Impact
Candelabrum : 2 Land Impact
Wall Shield : 1 Land Impact

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