Glamorous Furniture//Flatiron Kitchen Set

Good evening Glamorous Furniture . I promised you I will be back and I always keep my promises so here I am with some lovely new releases from the virtual world . Ready to see what I prepared to you for today’s presentation.

Cosmopolitan Monthly event is still going on , and that’s exactly the place where I am heading to . There you’ll find this new release by Newchurch named Flatiron Kitchen Set. The set also comes in pieces so you can actually decide where you want each part of the kitchen to be located and also it helps you make it fit in your room but also linked so you only have to rezz it . The sink and the stove also have several washing and cooking poses to make everything even more realistic . It also gives you the permission to edit pretty much everything to fit your taste.

As I always do , credits can be found right under this text . Don’t forget to also check our flickr page for higher quality images and also follow my website for more new releases . Will be back really soon !

-Store List-
Set: Flatiron Kitchen Set – Newchurch /Designer Victor Newchurch
Available at Cosmopolitan July Round

Prims :
1-3 Land Impact each Piece


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