Glamorous Furniture// Masters Weekend Chair by [TIA]

Good evening Glamorous Furniture . I am back today from my business trip with some wonderful new releases from second life . As you might recall , I am leaving this weekend in a vacation with my husband but until then I hope I’ll have enough time to show you everything that’s on my list . Last time I featured [TIA]’s new release and today we have another design by the same store.

For this round of Fantasy Collective she release the “Masters Weekend Chair “ which is a must have for everyone in the virtual world . It also comes with a hud which gives you the possibility to customize everything . Also it has 50 high quality animations and everything is super low prims so it can fit on any land . You definitely have to try this .

Don’t forget to follow my website and also my flickr page for more new releases . After the Fantasy Collective (until 15 July) the product will be available at [TIA] mainstore .

-Store List-
Set: Masters Weekend Chair – [TIA] /Designer Tia Biscuit
Available at [TIA] mainstore
Prims :
Chair : 5 Land Impact
Ashtray : 2 Land Impact
Table : 2 Land Impact
Accessories : 1 Land Impact


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