Glamorous Furniture // Kaoutar Lounge by [TIA]

To be honest I wasn’t sure if I will be able to blog this on time with my hectic schedule but luckily I managed to do it . As I promised you in my previous post I am preparing many presentations for you this week before my holiday ( will be hard to start away from the blog for almost 2 weeks) . Anyway let me show you what I have for you .

I am convinced you already know how much I love We ❤ Role Playing event . Every month I am looking forward to seeing what the designers prepared for us and to be honest they never stop amazing me . I always try my best to blog their products on both my furniture blog and also my fashion website . But there is no better feeling than when one of your favorite designers in sl joins this events and start releasing items each month for it . Today I am introducing you Tia Biscuit’s store [TIA] .

For July round of We ❤ Role Playing we have Kaoutar lounge . I am pretty sure that the name and the pictures sum ups almost everything but I am going to try to get in some details . The set includes the sofa , armchair , coffee table and the two lamps . Even though I am featuring the white version of it since it’s my favorite , I am here to tell you that it also includes a hud which gives you the permission to change the texture of everything :cushions , mattress , wood .

Tia’s designs are always my favorite that’s why I invite you to check her store today for more new releases . I can’t wait to blog more of her products since they are all breathtaking . Also don’t forge to check my flickr page for higher quality pictures . See you soon.

-Store List-
Set: Kaoutar lounge – [TIA] /Designer Tia Biscuit
Available at [TIA] mainstore
Available at We ❤ Role-Play July Round
Prims :
Sofa: 6 Land Impact
Armchair: 6 Land Impact
Lamp: 2 Land Impact
Coffee Table: 3 Land Impact

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