Glamorous Furniture// Silent Home by BBX Design

I wish I had more time to blog even more frequently on Glamorous Furniture since I really enjoy searching for new home designers and featuring them on my website . Sadly my real life job and also my fashion blog keeps me pretty busy so I only have time to blog from time to time . Next week I am planning to leave on a trip but before I do that I want to show you everything new I’ve got and I am sure you will really like them .

While surfing through marketplace I discovered Aymec Millet’s store named BBX Design . Since I saw his first products I knew I have to show them to you too so immediately sent an im to the designer and he was kind enough to send me one of his best looking designs for review . Let me give you some details about it .

The creation I am presenting is entitled “ Silent Home “ and it comes in many versions : with our without mountain (I recommend mountain version if you don’t have the permission to modify the terrain ) and furnished or unfurnished ( of course I again prefer the furnished one since it includes all the essential elements and I am only adding what I want to make it look even more stylish ) . Also the mountain version comes in sand , mountain , rock and grass texture . All the textures used are high quality and that can be easily seen while playing with shadows in the virtual world . The house is decorated with bathroom , bedroom , living room and kitchen furniture .

I definitely recommend you all to check this product since right now it’s one of my favorite homes . Also don’t forget to check their other products too since they are very high quality too . I am also adding my flickr link so you can see the pictures at a higher quality . See you soon with new releases , don’t forget to subscribe !

-Store List-
House+ Furniture: Silent Home – BBX Design /Designer Aymec Millet
Available at BBX Design Mainstore
Available at BBX Design Marketplace

Prims :
Unfurnished with no mountain : 43 Land Impact
Unfurnished with mountain : 62 Land Impact
Furnished with mountain : 181 Land Impact
Furnished without mountain : 162 Land Impact
Speedboat : 22 Land Impact


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