Glamorous Furniture // Secret Garden by [bauwerk]

Hello Glamorous Furniture . With today’s blog post I am ending my We ❤ Role Playing June round posts and I can’t wait to see what they are preparing to us for July . Until then I invite you to the sim to do some shopping together .

As you already know I blog We ❤ Role Playing for a very long time . To be honest , I am madly in love with the event and can’t stop myself from featuring their designs , they are all very high quality and very original .

For today’s presentation I chose to feature on my blog the Secret garden set by [bauwerk] . The set includes the amphore in 3 versions (simple ,with sphere , with holder ) , Buddha statue with and without platform , the fence normal ,damaged and destroyed , same with the pillars , the gate and also the stone bench . As you can see this is a really good set for decorating your land.

I invite you to check my flickr page for higher quality pictures and also my website where I blog fashion related stuffs. See you soon with more new releases.
Check my flickr page too

-Store List-
Set: Secret Garden – [bauwerk]/Designer Manuel Ormidale
Available at [bauwerk] Mainstore
Available at We<3 Role-Play June Round

Prims :
Amphore : 1 Land Impact
Buddha Statue : 11 Land Impact
Fence : 3 Land Impact
Pillar : 1 Land Impact
Gate : 12 Land Impact
Bench :3 Land Impact

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