Glamorous Furniture//Tiki Bar by Frayed Knot

I’m still trying to figure out how to take higher quality pictures with my new laptop , but until then I can share with you my latest “ tries out” . I am also taking you to a monthly event for shopping and I really hope you will enjoy what I am featuring.

Same event like in my last post , Cosmopolitan . They have many wonderful releases and honestly I still have a few more items on my list to be blogged ( hopefully I will be able to include them all in a presentation this week) .

In case you didn’t get to the beach yet , I invite you to join me for a drink at my personal sunbathing place . I decorated it with Frayed Knot’s new release Tiki bar which includes: the hut , torch in 2 colors , bar , stool in 2 colors , chair and sun lounger .

Unde this text you also have the land impact of each of the items in the set and also the slurl to the event . Enjoy your shopping spree and don’t forget to follow my blog for more new releases.

-Store List-
Set: Tiki Bar – Frayed Knot’s /Designer 6astoria6
Available at Cosmopolitan June Round

Prims :
Hut: 9 Land Impact
Torch: 2 Land Impact
Bar: 2 Land Impact
Stool: 2 Land Impact
Chair : 2 Land Impact
Sun Lounger : 3 Land Impact

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