Glamorous Furniture// Beach Set

Good evening Glamorous Furniture . This week I was kind of obsessed with Jessie J , couldn’t stop myself from listening her songs . I know I’ve been kind of “away” from my blog but that was simply because I focused more on the fashion side of it ( GIA website) . I keep my promises and I am back now and hopefully I will be able to blog more often here too . Let’s see what I have for you.

Not going to write a long and descriptive text and rather invite you to the Cosmopolitan event which has many must have releases . One of the things that caught my eyes and which I found a perfect fit for my blog was this [MONKEYGirl] release . Since it’s summer we all need to have our small summer home and she offers us this possibility .

Slurl to the event land is included right under this text . I also included the slurl to her mainstore so you can check previous releases too

-Store List-
Set: Beach Set – [MONKEYGirl] /Designer michi.organiser
Available at [MONKEYGirl] Mainstore
Available at Cosmopolitan June Round

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