Glamorous Furniture // We <3 Role Play Items

To be honest I am not in the best mood , not feeling really good so I am standing in bed in pj’s and playing with second life photo tools . Also I decided that it’s time to show you some new releases from my favorite event in second life , We ❤ Role Playing.

I am blogging for this event for a very long time , and I must confess that they keep surprising me each time . To be honest I don’t longer have the time to role play as I did in the past ( yes , I did enjoy rp-ing a lot ) but at least I enjoy watching some outfits and decorations that are related to that part of my virtual life .

In the picture I am showing you Dysfunctional Designs creations for the event , the Stone Altar . I recommend you all to check it since it’s very high quality ( I am really in love with all those realistic texture) . In order to make it even more interesting I added Draconias Timeless’s design Rustic Outdoor Design which includes : dinning table , bench , stool, bread & cheese platter , fruit platter , veggies platter , candles and dishes . Everything is very low land impact so it fits any type of sims.
Like I always do ,I am leaving the slurl to we ❤ Role Play event but also the mainstore ones of the designers involved in today’s publication. Don’t forget to check my blog in the near future too for more new releases.

-Store List-
Set: Stone Altar – Dysfunctional Designs /Designer Anke Hatchuk
Available at Dysfunctional Designs Mainstore
Available at Dysfunctional Designs Marketplace
Available at We<3 Role-Play May Round

Dining: Rustic Outdoor Design – Souzou Eien /Designer Draconias Timeless
Available at Souzou Eien Mainstore
Available at We<3 Role-Play May Round

Prims :
Altar: 7 Land Impact
Rustic Outdoor Design: each piece 1 Land Impact


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