Glamorous Furniture//Krampus Dark Desk by Noble Creations

The truth it’s I’ve been kind off the radar for the past few months because of real life job . I had to travel a lot and since first life comes first I had to take a break .Luckily my business trip is officially over now , I am back to second life with a new laptop that includes a new graphic card and also higher quality picture for you . Let me show you some examples.

This week I joined the bloggers team of –Noble Creations – . Even though they evented me in their group mostly or fashion and accessories blog post on Glance International Agency website , I couldn’t miss featuring them on Glamorous Furniture too since they have some stunning products for us .

Today I am featuring their “Krampus Dark desk” which includes the desk and also the stool . It had very low land impact so anyone can own it on their land . Also as you can see from the picture it look extremely realistic ( probably one of the best I’ve seen in the past days on flickr pages and marketplace ). I am just sad that I wasn’t able to discover their store before because that would have mean a lot more blog posts featuring their amazing products.

Like I always do ,I am leaving you with a slurl to their mainstore where you can find more gorgeous products . Enjoy your shopping and looking forward to blogging more products for you.

-Store List-
Set: Krampus Dark Desk – Noble Creations /Designer- andycool90
Available at Noble Creations Mainstore
Available at Noble Creations Marketplace

Prims :
Desk: 4 Land Impact
Stool : 1 Land Impact

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