Glamorous Furniture // Soho Modular System by Ex Machina

Good evening my dear blog readers . I hope all of you have a fabulous day . I woke up really lazy but with a huge desire to show you some new releases which I found a few days ago . I wanted to publish this post yesterday but it seems like it took me a little bit more to finish playing with the pictures and discovering better this gorgeous release which needed my full attention .

I always enjoy blogging elite designers from the virtual world but the only thing that I love more than that is discovering new stores and featuring it on my website . I feel like in this way I can create a connection with the creator starting with their first day of designing . Because of that I usually search for new products on marketplace and believe me that I am super excited when I find something which isn’t feature on many websites.

The designer I just discovered is named Hattie Panacek and she owns the store named Ex Machina . I am madly in love with her designs since they have that little bit of vintage mixed with steam punk style but which gives me the possibility the use it in my own way . She was kind enough to send me one of her latest release which is also the main attraction of today’s post .

The set I am talking about is named “Soho Modular System” and it’s the first set of many upcoming updates . The set includes the following designs : buildings ( corner version , straight version , brick version , plaster version ) and road base ( in 2 different sizes ) . What makes this set so special is the possibility it gives to you . With Soho you can create your own city because all the pieces can be fitted how you desire .

The designer took a lot of care of details . One of the troubles we are facing is that many people who don’t have a pro computer lose many details of the creation . Thanks to Hattie this is no longer a problem . You will realize that she took big care of details and as a brief example we have the situation when we zoom out the camera . You will be amazed to see that even in low graphic settings you are still able to see most of the details of the structure .

I also included in today’s blog post some of the props she gave me and which goes perfectly with the building style . It includes : street lamp , tower clock , wall clock and wall lamp.

As I always say the only true way to discover a design is to check it in world . Because of that I included under this text a few more details about the product and also a slurl to the mainstore . Marketplace link is also featured in this post for fast shopping . Don’t forget to subscribe and check Glamorous Furniture daily for more new high quality releases !

-Store List-
Building Set : Soho – Ex Machina /Designer- Hattie Panacek
Available at Ex Machina Mainstore
Available at Ex Machina Marketplace

Prims :
Building Straight : 23 Land Impact
Building Corner: 33 Land Impact


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