Glamorous Furniture // Summer Garden

Good evening Glamorous Furniture ! It’s so good to see you all again . As I announced in my previous post I had to leave for a few days to visit a good friend in another city . And since we spent most of time gossiping and shopping I really didn’t have any second to spend in SL . Happily , I just returned today and ready to show you some wonderful new releases.

During a coffee break I decided to take a look through flickr and see what my favorite designers released . I was impressed with this set by Apple Fall and honestly I couldn’t wait to show it to you too.

It is named “ Farrow Wall Set” and it’s actually a release that allows you to create your own wall . I am featuring in the picture a small version of it . The set includes a variety of types of walls in order to give you the chance to personalize it how you want. Also since I found this a perfect match I decided to feature in the same post a few releases by Little Branch for the Wayward Carnival . This includes: banyan tree , cat tail , hook thorn and Lombardy .

I have to go to prepare dinner but don’t forget to check this wonderful releases in world too . I am sure you will fall in love with them . See you soon !

-Store List-
Wall SET: Farrow Wall Set -[AF]Apple Fall/Designer- warehousefifteendesigns
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Mainstore
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Marketplace

Vegetation: Wayward Event –Little Branch /Designer- Cari McKeenan
Available at Wayward Event

Prims :
Full Wall Set Example: 29 Land Impact
Banyan Tree : 4 Land Impact
Hook Thorn : 6 Land Impact
Cat Tail :1 Land Impact

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