Glamorous Furniture//Seaside Cottage by [BA]

Good evening Glamorous Furniture , I hope you are all having a wonderful day . Here is really rainy and I feel like doing nothing . Because of that I decided to spend some more time with you and share with you a lovely building which I got a few days ago .Let me show you what I am talking about.

One of the first designers who joined my sponsor list is [BA] owned by Barnesworth Anubis . He always impressed me with the style of his high quality buildings and it’s always a pleasure for me to feature him on the blog . I can’t wait to see what is going to be his next release , but until then let me show you his previous.

His latest creation is named “ seaside cottage” . It is a lovely rustic building which I recommend to everyone who enjoys high quality stuffs from the virtual world . The house’s windows and doors are scripted to limit access and offer more privacy . Also Barnesworth took care of our tastes and allow us to easily modify any piece of the house and add our own texture in other to fit our style.

For those of you who didn’t check yet [BA] designs I recommend you to do now . Also don’t forget this structure is available at Collabor88 event . Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and check it daily for more new blog post .

-Store List-
Building: Seaside Cottage –[BA] /Designer- Barnesworth Anubis
Available at [BA] Mainstore
Available at Collabor88

Building : 111 Land Impact

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