Glamorous Furniture // Boardwalk by Apple Fall

Good Afternoon Glamorous Furniture readers . How is your day ? I am going to meet some of my girl friends in the city for a drink in a few hours , but before that I decided to do another blog post featuring one of my favorite designer . As you can see I didn’t joke when I said I am back and I promise to try to blog as much as possible.

Every time when Apple Fall releases something new I go madly in love with the creation . He definitely knows how to play with sl furniture and make them look amazing . That’s why is really my pleasure to have him on my designers list and to be able to blog his products.

The latest release is available at the Candy Faire at it is named “Boardwalk” . The style is something that reminds me of the vintage ages but still looking gorgeous . I felt sad because I wasn’t able to blog his other releases since I was away so I decided to include some of them in the picture (like the newspaper , radio , flowers , cigarettes , bag ) .I really enjoy the result.

Don’t forget my other posts for more new releases . Also I included the slurl to the Candy faire and also to Apple Fall’s marketplace . Enjoy shopping and don’t forget to follow .

-Store List-
Set :Boardwalk-[AF]Apple Fall/Designer- warehousefifteendesigns
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Mainstore
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Marketplace
Available at Candy Faire
*This product was released at Candy Faire

Prims :
Antique Booth : 31 Land Impact
Stool : 1 Land Impact
Popcorn : 1 Land Impact
Sign : 1 Land Impact
Radio : 1 Land Impact
Cherry Iced Tea : 1 Land Impact
Newspaper : 1 Land Impact
‘Lucky Numbers’ Cigarettes & Tray : 2 Land Impact
Flowers : 1 Land Impact
Handbag & Scarf: 1 Land Impact

2 thoughts on “Glamorous Furniture // Boardwalk by Apple Fall

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