Glamorous Furniture//The Old Grand Hall by Kaya Angel

Good evening Glamorous Furniture . Another hot day in Romania when I feel like going to the swimming pool but all my friends are at work . Luckily I’ve got second life where to spend a little time . There are so many new releases going around but the one featuring today is without doubts one of my favorite since I came back .

I am more than sure that you remember Kaya Angel designer of Angel Manor Estate . Yesterday, while having a chat with him he showed me his latest release which left me speechless . I immediately wanted to blog it ,but since taking pictures and writing the review takes a little time , I had to postpone for today.

The building which is feature in my pictures is called “The Old Grand Hall “ and it comes in 2 different versions : with furniture or without furniture . Of course , I recommend you to get the furnished one since it looks amazing and everything fits perfectly , but if you need to stay low prim you can easily get the unfurnished one and decorate it by yourself.

As the name of the designs says it is a grand hall . Each time I walk in I feel like I am part of the vintage high class . It contains an amazing bar where you can sit and drink a glass with a friend and even a cabaret stage which drives me crazy of how good it looks.

As we got used with all Kaya’s designs this is another masterpiece . It is partial mesh and the designer took care that every single details to be visible . I am telling you ,I am madly in love with this design .

If you want to check it in world or if you want to buy it on marketplace , I attached both the link and the slurl right under the text . Don’t forget to follow Glamorous Furniture for more new releases . See you soon !

-Store List-
Building: The Old Grand Hall – Angel Manor Estate /Designer Kaya Angel
Available at Angel Manor Estate Mainstore
Available at Angel Manor Estate Marketplace

Prims :
Furnished: 668 Land Impact
Unfurnished : 377 Land Impact

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