Glamorous Furniture// Karen Bathroom by [MudHoney]

I feel so sad that I haven’t been able to post anything new on Glamorous furniture for months but I’ve been extremely busy in real life and honestly I wasn’t in the mood of doing anything related to second life . Glamorous Furniture is still one of my favorite projects and I am going to try my best in order to bring it back on the top.

As a welcoming gift I received from Rayvn Hynes , designer of MudHoney their latest releases which believe me , it’s amazing .The set is named “ Karen “and it is actually composed of bathroom furniture .

It comes with many color variations . The set includes : bathtubs , cabinets , sconces , toilets , vanities and of course accessories . Each of them come in many color option so it depends on you how to mix and match them . Also the accessories are very low prim and helps you decorate beautifully the entire place .

As I always said the only way to truly see how good this set looks is to check it in world . I attached the slurl right under this text . See you soon with more new releases !

-Store List-
Set(mesh) : Karen Bathroom– [MudHoney] /Designer- Rayvn Hynes
Available at [MudHoney] Mainstore
Toilet : 4 Land Impact
Tub : 5 Land Impact
Cabinet : 4 Land Impact
Vanity : 2 Land Impact
Shelf : 1 Land Impact
Handtowel Stack : 1 Land Impact
Mirror : 2 Land Impact
Vanity Tray : 1 Land Impact
Closed Poppies : 1 Land Impact
Sconce : 2 Land Impact
Candle : 2 Land Impact
Other accessories : 1 Land Impact

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