Glamorous Furniture//Villa Utrecht by Dutchie

Good evening Glamorous Furniture . I have to go on a business trip starting with Monday so because of that I might not be so available to do blog posts during the week . I promise you that as soon as I home I am going to share with all of you my favorite releases .Before my departure let me present you a wonderful structure which is a must have for everyone who loves second life buildings.

I am convinced that you are all familiar with the Dutchie store . I blogged many of her designs and I am planning to continue doing so . All her designs are very high quality and severs our full attention .This year she participated in the Home and Garden Expo and that’s where she releases this stunning design.

The structure is entitled “Villa Utrecht” and is a wonderful neoclassical building .There are two things that made me love this design so much : the attic which is wonderful and that small glasshouse which is something to die for.

The building is very spacious and because of that I am convinced that you will be able to decorate any type of room you want . I think that by telling you that it has 4 floors you understand how big it is.

Villa Utrecht comes in 2 different versions : furnished and unfurnished . In the picture it’s featured the unfurnished version but if you feel like getting a new home without bothering to decorate it , I totally recommend the furnished one .

Time for me to leave , but not before sharing with you the slurl to both Dutchie store and Home and Garden Expo .Good luck shopping and see you soon.

-Store List-
Building:Villa Utrecht – Dutchie /Designer- by Froukje Hoorenbeek
Available at Dutchie Mainstore PG
Available at Dutchie Mainstore Adult
Available at Dutchie Marketplace
*Release at Home and Garden Expo

Sofa: 508 Land Impact

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