Glamorous Furniture//Langdale Set by Cariad

Hello Glamorous Furniture . So many new products were released in the virtual world during this week , it’s hard for me which ones to share with you . I was lucky enough to find this amazing designer yesterday on marketplace , and he was kind enough to send me one of his latest releases which is a masterpiece . Let me show you what I am talking about.

Marketpalce is the perfect website where to search for new product and new designers . Even if sometimes my second life time is very limited , I still try to look for new designers through the platform . That’s where I met Gwyddion , designer of Cariad . After we talked a little bit he was so kind to send me this new releases.

In the pictures you can actually see two separate buildings . One of the garden and one is the house . I recommend you all to buy them both since they fit perfectly and will give a better look to this design .

The house is named “Langdale House” while the garden is “Langdale House Garden” , and both are full mesh designs. Both are low prim and very high quality . The house is very spacious and has a lovely vintage look .

In order to discover the true beauty of this design you will have to check it in-world . Because of that ,I included under this text both slurl and marketplace for Cariad store.

-Store List-
Building:Langdale House and Garden-Cariad /Designer- Gwyddion
Available at Cariad Mainstore
Available at Cariad Marketplace

Prims :
House: 132 Land Impact
Garden: 83 Land Impact


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