Glamorous Furniture//Elegance Bedroom by Dysfunctional Designs

Good evening Glamorous Furniture . I am think I am mostly done with the Glamorous Furniture blog new theme . Still some new pages to add and I can get back to daily blogging . Anyway , today I had a few hours off and since I didn’t have anything special to do , I decided to make a new blog posts which I hope you are going to enjoy . Let me show you what I am talking about.

I first met Anke Hatchuk , designer of Dysfunctional Designs during the We ❤ Role Playing Event . I was impressed by the style and quality of her creations so I decided to blog them . After that I took a short break from blogging events ,but once I was back I was really thrilled to see another amazing release by Anke.

The set I am talking about is named “Elegance Bedroom” and is one of the designs which you have to see if you are visit We heart Role Playing . The set includes the following objects: bed , foot stool,night stand and oil lamp. The set is color tint-able which means you can easily customize it with any color you want . Also the set includes different wood textures which can be accessed by pressing the design .

For the end , I invite you to check both the September round of We ❤ Role Playing and also Dysfunctional Designs mainstore . I am sure you can find some wonderful stuffs there.

-Store List-
Set: Elegance Bedroom – Dysfunctional Designs /Designer Anke Hatchuk
Available at Dysfunctional Designs Mainstore
Available at Dysfunctional Designs Marketplace
Available at We<3 Role-Play September Round

Prims : 5 Land Impact
Bed: 6 Land Impact
Foot Stool: 1 Land Impact
Night Stand: 1 Land Impact
Oil Lamp: 1 Land Impact


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