Glamorous Furniture// the Living room by Abiss

Good evening Glamorous Furniture ! I am currently still fighting with the renovation of my blog . It was time for a change but didn’t think that I will have so much work to do . Probably in a few hours you will be able to see gigantic improvements on the designer and about me pages . Until then I will let you check a wonderful release , which even though it’s not new I had to blog it . Ready to see what is my latest favorite skybox?

Who doesn’t know Frasha Boa and Oggy Bonetto ,owners of Abiss ? They are c women in second life and probably one of the most known furniture and home designers . They keep on amazing us every time with their releases which are all very high quality and very stylish.

I am more than sure that you remember that old skybox she release and which I blogged – the Apartment . Even today that is still my favorite structure . If you haven’t checked it yet , I invite you to read the Glamorous Furniture review of it right here: Glamorous Furniture//the Apartment by Abiss

I am not here today to show you an old release , but something newer . Abiss was kind enough to send me an addon for the Apartment entitled “the Living room “ .If you don’t have the other skybox and you don’t want to buy it , there is no problem . This skybox can be used as a stand-alone too. You will be amazed by how realistic are all the textures. Also I was amazed when I saw that this piece of art has only 100 land impact .Everybody could afford this on his/her land . Also it has day and night texture too and panoramic image control which allows you to add your own images.

In the pictures you can also see an older release by the same designer – the piano and also her wonderful Alto set which was also blogged some days ago . I wish you all good luck shopping and don’t forget to check this product in–world

-Store List-
Structure : the Living room -Abiss /Designer- Frasha Boa & Oggy Bonetto
Available at Abiss Mainstore
Available at Abiss Marketplace
*It includes the bar ,TV set and also the Fireplace
*The apartment building can be connected with this structure

Furniture Set:Alto -Abiss /Designer- Frasha Boa
Available at Abiss Mainstore
Available at Abiss Marketplace

Structure: 100 Land Impact
Armchair :3 Land Impact
Sofa:5 Land Impact
Central Table : 2 Land Impact


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