Glamorous Furniture//Skybox Library by Angel Manor Estate

Good evening Glamorous Furniture ! I promised you a lot blog post before I leave to the seaside and I always keep my promises . So here I am ready to share with you some amazing new releases from Second Life . Believe me that this post is a must read and I am so honored to be able to blog the following design…

I am pretty sure you are familiar with the store named “Angel Manor Estate” owned by Kaya Angel . Probably Kaya is one of the most talented and famous builder in the virtual world . What I like about his products is that all of them are very spacious . He is oriented to high class and large structures.

Usually when I blog a new furniture or structure I limit myself to around 3 picture / blog post in order to avoid spamming my readers and flickr followers with to many pictures . While taking pictures of Kaya’s latest building I realized that I can’t include in 3 pictures all the fantastic stuffs the structures come with . Because of that I decided to share with you 7 amazing pictures and give you the slurl to the store in order to take a closer look to the new release.

The creation is named “Skybox Library” and I am pretty sure the name says it all .The set is a very high quality library . Also in order to make your skybox experience even better he decided to give to us a corridor too which fits perfectly to the main door of the library .Sadly I wasn’t able to share with you pictures of the hallway too since I wanted to focus on the library .

As I read on Kaya Angel’s marketplace this building is just a start of a full range collection .That explains why he added the hallway in the set too (also comes in 2 versions ) . Once he designs new rooms you can easily connect them through the corridor . I am so excited to find out what will be his next skybox . Promise you all that I will try my best to blog it too

The “Skybox Library” comes in 2 different versions : furnished and unfurnished . You will be amazed by how good everything looks . The set is made from many materials stuffs which I am convinced will revolutionize second life in a very short time .Usually after taking pictures of a design I play a little bit with lighting in Photoshop in order to get the result I want . As you might see I didn’t have to do the same with this structure . I just cropped it and blogged it.

I will let you now continue admiring this product in world too . Slurl to the mainstore and also link to the marketplace can be found under this text . I also included the land impact of both versions of the skybox.

-Store List-
Building: Skybox Library – Angel Manor Estate /Designer Kaya Angel
Available at Angel Manor Estate Mainstore
Available at Angel Manor Estate Marketplace

Prims :
Furnished: 469 Land Impact
Unfurnished : 180 Land Impact

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