Glamorous Furniture//Alto set by Abiss

Hello my favorite blog readers ! I hope you are enjoying this day as much as I do . The weather is so warm and I am such in a mood of blogging . There are only a few hours left before I leave to the seaside with my husband but before doing that I wanted to feature on Glamorous Furniture some amazing new releases.

I waited for so long to get some new releases form Abiss , they are one of my favorite furniture and home designers in second life . Each new design looks amazing and is a must have . Probably that’s the main reason why I try so hard to blog all their creations.

Their latest set is named “ Alto” and consists of 2 armchairs , 1 sofa and 1 central table . What makes this pack so amazing is the endless texture possibilities . Everything is low prim as we got used to all Abiss design but still very realistic . Armchairs come with 12 animations while the sofa with approximately 200 animations including both PG and adults

Slurl to the mainstore can be found right under the text. I advice you all to check other Abiss designs too since they deserve our attention . See you soon for some last blog post before going to the seaside !

-Store List-
Set:Alto -Abiss /Designer- Frasha Boa
Available at Abiss Mainstore
Available at Abiss Marketplace

Armchair :3 Land Impact
Sofa:5 Land Impact
Central Table : 2 Land Impact

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