Glamorous Furniture//Animated Chess Board by Boudoir

I promised you I will be back today with more new releases and I always keep my promises . I just came from shopping in real life and I am ready to present you some wonderful items which I had the chance to get for my website in second life . Ready to see what I am talking about?

We are returning back to Boudoir store . Yesterday , they provide us with a part of their Wonderland Set, the tea party . This time they are back with another Wonderland release but a little bit different .Also I advice you all to check their mainstore for other wonderful releases.

Even though each time I look at this design I don’t really think of Alice in Wonderland and more about the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone , it’s still an amazing release which deserves our attention .It is named “Wonderland Giant Animated Chess Board” and I think that says everything about it . I love how the pieces move without touching them , really making this set look magical .

Like I always do , I included both slurl to the mainstore and also the land impact of the product right under this text. Enjoy shopping and don’t forget to check our previous blog posts too.

-Store List-
Set: Wonderland Giant Animated Chess Board -Boudoir /Designer Precious Restless
Available at Boudoir Mainstore

Prims : 61 Land Impact


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