Glamorous Furniture//Americana by Apple Fall

I should have blogged this beautiful set last week when we celebrated the Independence Day , but because my inventory was a mess I had to delay the post . During every beginning of the summer I clean my inventory :delete the stuffs I don’t need and organize the others in folders . In this way I can find a lot easier what I am looking for . Anyway , now let’s get back to our post , I am sure you are going to enjoy it .

It’s impossible not to know Apple Fall . I blog this store for a long time and I blog it many times . If I check my inventory I am pretty sure I didn’t miss any new set . They are one of the best furniture and home designers in the virtual world . Each new release is a must have. Let me show you why I compliment this store so much .

Their latest set is named “ Americana “ and it was released for the Independence Day . What I like the most at Apple Fall’s products is that all of them are very high quality , probably one of the most realistic stuffs I ever saw in second life . Also each object is very low land impact , so I can easily decorate my house without using many prims . The Americana set comes with the following designs : USA wall flags , armchair in many texture, bookcase , sideboard , vase , Hearts with inscriptions , candles and painting .

It’s almost impossible for me to show you everything about this wonderful new designs . Because of that I invite you all to check Apple Fall’s mainstore and look for this must have creation . Believe me you won’t regret it .

-Store List-
Set: Americana– [AF]Apple Fall/Designer- warehousefifteendesigns
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Mainstore
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Marketplace

Prims :
American Garland – 2 Land Impact
ArmChair- 7 Land Impact
Bookcase-2 Land Impact
Sideboard-2 Land Impact
Flag Sketch -1 Land Impact
Seahorse Vase- 1 Land Impact
Heart- 1 Land Impact
Seaside Candle- 1 Land Impact

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