Glamorous Furniture//Sand of Time by Kalopsia

I am happy when I can share with my readers different passions from real life . I always loved Egyptian culture and it’s one of my dreams to visit that country one day . Since I was a little girl I used to read stories about the pharaohs and legends about Egiptian gods. I can’t tell you how happy I was when I saw this wonderful release at We ❤ Role Playing . Let me share with you more details about it ..

I am more than sure that all of you are familiar right now with the monthly event We ❤ Role Playing . I tend to blog many stuffs from them because each month they release a variety of designs which gives me the chance to select which I would like to feature on my blog .

I managed to see the ad of this set by Kalopsia some days before finding out it is actually going to be released at this event . I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and bog it . They set is named “ Sand of Time ” (kind of reminds me of Prince of Persia) . The set includes: 2 types of plams trees ,sitting statue , pyramid stairs , pyramid chamber , sphynx statue ,sitting statue broken head , pyramid flat. Also all the products come with modify permissions so you can easily play with their size.

I invite you all to this month round of We ❤ Role Playing event where you will be able to find this amazing set by Kalopsia . Don’t forget to check other products !

-Store List-
Set: Sand of Time– Kalopsia /Designer isabeau.baragula
Available at Kalopsia Mainstore
Available at We ❤ Role-Play

Prims : 102 Land Impact
Palm Tree(x2)- 16 Land Impact
Palm Tree(single) – 10 Land Impact
Sitting Statue- 15 Land Impact
Sitting Statue Broken – 12 Land Impact
Sphynx Statue – 7 Land Impact
Pyramid Stairs- 13 Land Impact
Pyramid Chamber-9 Land Impact
Pyramid Flat – 20 Land Impact


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