Glamorous Furniture//BALACLAVA for Level Up

Good Evening Glamorous Furniture . I can’t tell you how sorry I am that I wasn’t able to blog more often , but again I had to leave the country for a few weeks with for some business meetings and my time on the internet was so limited I hardly got a chance to log on second life . Luckily I am back today , and seems like I won’t be leaving anywhere to soon .Also I have many news in both terms of furniture and also about new events I joined . Ready to see what I am talking about ?

Some days ago I applied for an event which I found very interesting –Level Up. I am going to quote what they wrote about this event on the website “Level Up is a quarterly sales event with unique themes based upon video game genres (examples, MMORPG, classics, board games, facebook games, etc.) All items created for and sold at Level Up are original, exclusive creations only. Each round is limited to a maximum of six (6) sponsors and forty (40) regular spots. “

The first blog post featuring designs from this event are going to show you a release created by BALACLAVA .They are so much fun . The two pieces which you can see in the pictures are named “Good Ol’ Derby” and “The Schwinn Classic” .What makes these designs so special is that they are actually playable mini games .

Give them a try to the Level Up event and don’t forget to tell your friends about them . Going back to playing with this releases , seems like I am going to be busy for the next hours !

-Store List-
Set 1: Good Ol’ Derby – BALACLAVA /Designer- by uriah.eulenberg
Available at Level Up Event

Set 2: The Schwinn Classic – BALACLAVA /Designer- by uriah.eulenberg
Available at Level Up Event

Good Ol’ Derby : 8 Land Impact
The Schwinn Classic: 8 Land Impact

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