Glamorous Furniture//The Dinning Room by Dutchie

It’s so good to be home . I finally have enough time to log on Second Life as often as I want and also to do as many blog posts as I wanted . During the year I felt a little bit sad that I had to leave Glamorous Furniture in the back , but in the end real life comes first . Also I wish I could be in the mood to start blogging fashion stuffs on GIA website too , but currently I am to lazy and in order to avoid getting bored of SL (..again..) I am going to try to focus more on my furniture blog . That’s why I am here with a new release.

Some days ago I posted an article about Dutchies Kitchen release . I suppose she either saw it on flickr or on plurk , but I am happy that she enjoyed it . I felt relief that I managed to blog her design taking in consideration that I missed it when she sent me . Anyway , she was kind enough to send me another set which I am sure you are all going to enjoy.

Entitled “ The Dinning Room “ ,this set is something everyone in second life should buy . I was amazed by the quality of the stuffs , everything looks so good . Also I am madly in love with the vintage style of her latest products , fits me so good . The set comes with many stuffs which you can find right under this text and I also included land impact in order to see if it would fit your sim .

I still have some other designs on my list , so because of that I am going to log off Glamorous Furniture and get in Second life to take pictures . Good luck shopping and don’t forget to check previous releases by Dutchie .

-Store List-
Set: The Dinning Room – Dutchie /Designer- by Froukje Hoorenbeek
Available at Dutchie Mainstore PG
Available at Dutchie Mainstore Adult
Available at Dutchie Marketplace

Table : 8 Land Impact
Chair :2 Land Impact
Paintings : 1 Land Impact
Rug: 2 Land Impact
Lamp : 3 Land Impact
Decorative standing plates :1 Land Impact
Cups and Saucers: 2 Land Impact
Wine and Shot Glasses: 1 Land Impact
Decanters: 4 Land Impact
Jars: 1 Land Impact


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