Glamorous Furniture//Zelia by [MudHoney]

Now that I have a little bit more time for second life , I couldn’t stay away from my favorite readers . I was lucky enough to get my hands on some new releases which I am convinced that all of you will adore . As you may already know , the famous event – The Arcade is starting in just a few days , and even though I am not one of their official bloggers I am lucky to be on some of their designers list , so they were kind enough to send me their products .

I am sure you are all familiar with the name of “Mudhoney” owned by Rayvn Hynes .This store rocks second life’s furniture industry for a long time , and I still remember during my first years of blogging how badly I wanted to become one of their bloggers and how the first time they refused my application because their list was full . I continued trying until I got my name on that list and I am going to work hard and try to blog as many of their stuffs as possible .

Their set for the Arcade is named “ Zelia” and I like to call it my relaxing spot. The release includes many stuffs: a decorative bag , books , chair ,end table , lamp , pillow in two different versions ( chev and painted) , plant , rug , stool that comes with 2 different textures(navy and paisley) . Also as you got used with this event , in order to be able to own the entire set you will have to try your luck with those gachas .

I can’t wait to find out what other products are going to be released at the June 2014 Arcade . Until then I invite you all to MudHoney mainstore to discover their other products .

-Store List-
Set(mesh) : Zelia– [MudHoney] /Designer- Rayvn Hynes
Available at [MudHoney] Mainstore
Available at The Arcade July 2014
Stool : 2 Land Impact
Armchair : 4 Land Impact
Rug : 1 Land Impact
Bag: 1 Land Impact
Pillow : 1 Land Impact
Plant : 1 Land Impact
Books : 2 Land Impact
Lamp : 2 Land Impact
End Table : 1 Land Impact

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