Glamorous Furniture//Scholar Mansion by Angel Manor

Good evening Glamorous Furniture ! I was planning to publish this post yesterday night but I was so tired I decided to go to bad earlier . I logged on this morning and took the pictures , but I had to leave the city for some hours and again I didn’t manage to finish the entire post . Luckily now I have plenty of time and I managed to highlight everything I wanted to show you about this beautiful new building . Let me give you a preview of this must have structure ..

I am pretty convinced that you are familiar with the name of the designer –Kaya Angel . He owns this amazing store Angel Manor which mostly designers huge and breathtaking buildings . For me it’s always a pleasure to have the chance to feature on my blog his designs .

His latest creation is named “Scholar Mansion House” and is an historic building which would fit as an elite school too . Each time I walk in those rooms I feel like I am part of the Vampire Academy . Everything has an air of vintage and aristocracy .

Believe me when I am telling you that this building is very spacious . It comes with no less than 11 rooms and a grand hall which I am madly in love it . And also if you are going to check this release in world too , don’t forget to take a look at the library , it makes me speechless .

As Kaya stated on his marketplace page , the rooms are textured in such a way that you are not restricted to use them only as bedrooms . It gives you the possibility to let your imagination run free and turn that room in anything you are thinking of .

The doors are also scripted and comes with many options in order to enjoy a lot more privacy . The structure is partial mesh and even though it can use some prims I think it deserves every each of them .

As you got used , slurl and marketplace links are listed right under this text .I can’t wait to see what is going to be the next release by Kaya Angel .

-Store List-
Building: Scholar Mansion House- Angel Manor Estate /Designer Kaya Angel
Available at Angel Manor Estate Mainstore
Available at Angel Manor Estate Marketplace

Prims :889 Land Impact

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