Glamorous Furniture//Interactive Kitchen by Dutchie

I promised you that I am going to be back today with another lovely product from second life . Even though I have two sets on my waiting list for today , I am going to start with this one since I already feel bad that I missed it when the designer sent me and because I know it deserves to be seen by my readers . Just a short advice , if you are hungry you should grab a plate before reading this post …

Dutchie is one of those stores in the virtual world which never stops to amaze you with their high quality and stylish works . I still remember the day when I blogged the first set they sent to me , I was so excited to be able to use their creations in one of my works . Since then I can’t keep myself not to blog their releases , I find them all breathtaking .

The set I am featuring in today’s blog presentation is “Dutchie Interactive Mesh Kitchen” and believe me when I tell to you that this is a must have for everyone who owns a home in the virtual world . I think it’s one of the best furniture for kitchen I saw in second life ( even though her previous kitchen set was amazing too ) . The set comes with all the pieces you can see in the pictures and that includes : mesh cooker , cabinets ,kitchen island , refrigerator , making dough and tray with coffee. All the animations are also marvelous and deserve you to try them out .

As I told you , I have another set on my list for today’s blogging so I am going to run in the virtual world and try to finish it . Also don’t forget to check Dutchies marketplace and also their mainstore for more information regarding their designs .

-Store List-
Set: Interactive Mesh Kitchen – Dutchie /Designer- by Froukje Hoorenbeek
Available at Dutchie Mainstore PG
Available at Dutchie Mainstore Adult
Available at Dutchie Marketplace

Prims: 84 Land Impact

Mesh Cooker- 5 Land Impact
Cabinet – 35 Land Impact
Kitchen Island – 28 Land Impact
1930’s refrigerator – 4 Land Impact


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