Glamorous Furniture//Apple Fall for Arcade June

Before I hit the road again with business work , I am going to post this presentation which I wanted to show you some days ago , but because of my hectic schedule I had to stay away from second life during the weekend . Since I am a fashionista , I must confess that I adore this new set created by one of my favorite designers in sl . It awakes in me so many feelings . Let me show you what I am talking about ..

Now that I am looking at my previous posts , I am amazed to see how many presentations of Apple Fall’s design I did . Probably that’s because my real life is so busy , I only have time to do presentations from time to time and AF is a top on my list . I think that is a really good evidence of how great their products are .

His latest design is going to be available at Arcade –June Edition and believe me that it is a must have . As we got used , these are going to be gacha items but the full set includes : the skybox , hanging art , dress form , luggage, drawer, statue deer head , reflector light , camera , tripod , desk , sketchbook , tea set . As you can see it comes with many pieces so I am convinced it will be fun trying to win them . Also the skybox is simply stunning .I love the concept of cheap Parisian roof apartments.

My cab is waiting for me so I have to log off now . I am going to try to log on tomorrow night too and show you more beautiful products from second life .Until then don’t forget to check the opening date for the Arcade and get your hands on this lovely set .

-Store List-
Set: Arcade – Parisian– [AF]Apple Fall/Designer- warehousefifteendesigns
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Mainstore
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Marketplace
Available at The Arcade Sim

*This product released at the Arcade – June

Prims :
Skybox: 61 Land Impact
Hanging Art : 3 Land Impact
Dress Form w/ Dress :4 Land Impact
Dress Form :3 Land Impact
Luggage :3 Land Impact
Drawers :4 Land Imapct
Deer Head : 1 Land Impact
Reflector Light :6 Land Impact
Camera w/ Tripod :3 Land Impact
Portable Camera: 1 Land Imapct
Desk :3 Land Imapact
Sketchbook : 1 Land Impact
Tea Time Tins : 1 Land Impact
Tea Time Teaset : 1 Land Impact

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